Materials Science Solutions

Innovation, design, manufacture and support are critical to a product-based company in industry. Each phase requires careful and continuous monitoring in order to sustain a competitive edge in a global marketplace. An additional layer of complexity is added to this challenge when the size of the product is reduced to scales typically seen in MEMS, microelectronic and photonic devices. Although the functionality of such devices is often readily measureable, the dimensions present a significant barrier to investigating their construction and layout. Performance and reliability are intimately connected to the materials and their integration into devices; therefore, nanoscale materials characterization is an indispensible tool.

Nanoscale characterization is essential to protecting the fruits of innovation Intellectual Property, ensuring that the empirical converges with the theoretical during the Design process, supporting the line during Manufacturing and pinpointing the origin of a defect in the unfortunate circumstance of a Failure during manufacture, processing or in service.


Intellectual Property

NanoSpective provides materials analysis and characterization services in support of patent infringement and patent assertion activities.  We have provided scientific evidence as well as expert testimony for cases on the corporate, civil, federal, and international levels.


Failure Analysis

When a product does not perform as expected, NanoSpective can provide characterization to pinpoint defects and determine sources of failure down to the nanoscale.  We have investigated a wide range of products and components that that have exhibited some degree of failure either while in service or during the manufacturing process.



Quality Control

Quality control processes are used to ensure that products meet specific requirements for dependability and performance.  NanoSpective can provide routine, rapid throughput testing that can be used to verify processing parameters, manufacturing processes, and validate advances in research and development.



Some of the most exciting projects undertaken by NanoSpective are basic research and cutting-edge applications research.  We have a passion for discovery.  We are always eager to explore options for collaborative projects with both private and public research sectors..