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We Specialize in Nanoscale Analysis

NanoSpective specializes in materials science with special emphasis on nanoscale materials characterization. The company provides analytical services and consultation to a worldwide market offering complete solutions for intellectual property issues, failure analysis, quality control, and materials research. NanoSpective is passionate about providing an excellent work product combined with superior customer support. The company is distinctive in the market place by providing custom-tailored commercial analytical services with academic level attention to detail.

Our scientists use cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to perform nanoscale evaluation of products made from semiconductor, metal, ceramic, composite, and polymer materials.

We have industry and research experience in a broad spectrum of materials. We offer complete solutions for intellectual property issues, failure analysis, quality control, and materials research.

Make us a part of the solution. We will work closely with your company to deliver top quality analysis with personalized attention to your project. Contact us at (407) 249-1440.



We Value Our Clients

We Want to be an Integral Part of Your Project

We provide our clients with specialized technical expertise. Whether you have a single analysis or ongoing projects, our scientists will provide a custom tailored analytical plan to fit your requirements. An excellent work product and superior client support are our top priorities at NanoSpective.

For every new project, we provide a customized quote detailing the project specifications. Our scientists will consult with you and will provide ongoing expertise until the project is completed. If you are a potential client, please visit our customer information page to learn about how to contact us and provide us with information about your project




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Intellectual Property

Protect Your Ideas
Supporting scientific evidence for patent infringement/assertion.

Failure Analysis

Find What Went Wrong
Investigating failure in various materials.

Quality Control

Improve Technology
Monitoring differences in your product over time.


Launch New Ideas
Welcoming the challenge to assist in developing new products.